January 22, 2018

Teen and Adult Ice Skating Lessons

Classes for adults and more mature skaters ages 13+

The teen and adult classes teach the fundamentals of skating for a more mature skater (ages 13 and up). Forward skating, backward skating, crossovers, turns, and stops are introduced in 6 progressive levels.   Upon completing the Adult 1-6 curriculum, skaters will be ready to advance to more specific disciplines of figure skating such as freeskating, ice dancing, pairs, theatrical skating, or synchronized skating.

  • Adult 1    Forward skating, stops.  Introductory level.  Ages 13 and up.
  • Adult 2    Backward skating, stops. Pre-requisite: Adult 1 or equivalent skills.
  • Adult 3    Advanced forward stroking, pumps on circles, turns, backward glides and stops, dance steps. Pre-requisite: Adult 2 or equivalent skills.
  • Adult 4    Forward edges and crossovers, backward glides and pumps, hockey stop. Pre-requisite: Adult 3 or equivalent skills.
  • Adult 5    Backward edges and crossovers, turns, swing rolls, two foot spin. Pre-requisite: Adult 4 or equivalent skills.
  • Adult 6    Advanced forward and backward stroking on pattern, turns, T-stops, Lunge, two foot to one foot spin. Pre-requisite: Adult 5 or equivalent skills.

View a full description of the curriculum here: https://learntoskateusa.com/

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All You Can Skate  through May 11 $1014 prorated at start with easy monthly payments. Attend Sunday and Wednesday 50 minute classes.

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