August 17, 2017

Freeskate and Advanced Skating

Classes for skaters who have completed Basic 6 or Adult 6

These levels are for advanced skaters who have completed the CSS Learn to Skate USA  Basic 6 level or Adult 6 level (some classes require higher levels, listed below).  Skaters will learn skills in four areas: Moves in the Field, Dance Sequences, Jumps, and Spins.

  • Pre Freeskate   Introduction to Moves in the Field, beginner jumps, spins and edges. Prerequisite: Basic 6 or equivalent.
  • Freeskate 1    Half Flip, Toe Loop, Upright spin, Moves in the Field, and Dance Steps. Prerequisite: Pre Freeskate or equivalent skills.
  • Freeskate 2    Half Lutz, Salchow, Beginner back spin, Moves in the Field. Prerequisite: Freeskate 1 or equivalent skills.
  • Limted Beginner Freeskate   A combined Freeskate level offering  skaters instruction on advanced jumps, spins and footwork sequences. Prerequisite: FS 2 or higher.

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All CSS Learn to Skate USA classes are charged on a monthly basis. $115 includes a 25 minute lesson, 25 minute practice ice, the Halloween Skating Exhibition (costumes additional) and the Annual Spring Ice Show (costumes additional).  Please understand it is intended for your skater to participate in CSS for the entire skating season. There will be some months with 3 lessons and other months with 5 lessons. All coaching and ice time is included for Show numbers, however, since costume needs differ according to group numbers and sizes, all costumes must be purchased separately.


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