September 24, 2017

Freeskate and Advanced Skating

Classes for skaters who have completed Basic 6 or Adult 6

These levels are for advanced skaters who have completed the CSS Learn to Skate USA  Basic 6 level or Adult 6 level (some classes require higher levels, listed below).  Skaters will learn skills in four areas: Moves in the Field, Dance Sequences, Jumps, and Spins.

  • Pre Freeskate   Introduction to Moves in the Field, beginner jumps, spins and edges. Prerequisite: Basic 6 or equivalent.
  • Freeskate 1    Half Flip, Toe Loop, Upright spin, Moves in the Field, and Dance Steps. Prerequisite: Pre Freeskate or equivalent skills.
  • Freeskate 2    Half Lutz, Salchow, Beginner back spin, Moves in the Field. Prerequisite: Freeskate 1 or equivalent skills.
  • Limted Beginner Freeskate   A combined Freeskate level offering  skaters instruction on advanced jumps, spins and footwork sequences. Prerequisite: FS 2 or higher.

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