January 22, 2018
1. Nathan Chen *
2. Ross Miner
3. Vincent Zhou *
4. Adam Rippon *
5. Grant Hochstein
6. Jason Brown
1. Tennell *
2. Nagasu *
3. Chen *
1. Knierim/Knierim *
2. Kayne/O’Shea
3. Stellato/Bartholomay
1. Hubbell and Donahue *
2. Shibutanis
3. Chock and Bates
*Assigned to represent USA in 2018 Olympics, Feb 8-25 on NBC Sports
Coach Sarah says:
Marai- So great so see a US lady attempting a triple axel!
Knerim/Knerim- So sweet to see the married couple take the championship, beautiful moments in their long program
Hubbell/ Donahue- so happy that this amazing team finally won their first title!
Adam Rippon short- such a great, sassy program!
Coach Lisa thinks:
Adam Rippon - Super confident! Loved his short program!
Bradie Tennell - Dreams really do come true! Loved her Cinderella themed program!
Jason Brown - when you’re #1 fan is Lin-Manuel Miranda! Wow! What a great short program to “The Room Where It Happens” from Hamilton! Quite the showman!
Here’s what Coach Dori says:
“Bradie Tennell has the 4 C’s:  Confidence, Consistency, Calm under pressure, and skates to music from Cinderella!  She’s got everything she needs to win Olympic Gold!”
“I love Nathan Chen’s short program.  The music is well-suited for him and he’s really worked hard to bring his artistry up to the level of his jumps.  He’s a great skater to watch!”
“Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue have such a romantic, smooth short program dance.  They look like ballroom dancers!
Coach Marcia’s comments:
Bradie TanellHer program was flawless! Beautiful spins and textbook jumps. She skated a perfectly clean program.
Jason BrownHis “Hamilton” program was riveting! I loved it! He is so entertaining!
Nathan Chen Perfection on ice. Wow
Hubble and DonahueThe chemistry between them was obvious. Their free dance was exceptional! Wow, I can’t wait to watch it again during the olympics!
The Shibutani’sThey are superb skaters. Technically perfect. I wasn’t crazy about their music choice though.
# 1 pairs Happy to see a comeback! They deserve it after years of injury’s and illness’s.

Coach Jennifer has this to say:
Shibutani ice dance team – I love watching this brother/sister team perform! I can’t believe they’ve been skating together for 13 years!
Mirai Nagasu – she’s been working so hard on her 3x axel since she was left off the Olympic team in 2014. She’s the only US woman who can land the jump! Amazing!
Coach Holly’s thoughts:
The phrase “It takes a village” or “Teamwork makes the dream work” comes to mind, too, since each skater’s coaching team consists of a variety of experts who manage jumps, spins, strength, choreography, mental training, etc. Figure skating is an individual sport at the Winter Olympics, but there are many reasons why functioning as a “team” is useful for singles skaters on their road to PyeongChang. First and foremost, the camaraderie and competitiveness associated with training together makes the hard work more enjoyable, while also making everyone better at the same time. Think of Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, Ashley and Mariah Bell. Or Vincent, Mirai, Max and Camden.Every skater has a U.S. Figure Skating club or a local “team” they become part of, which can eventually lead them to Team USA. Once they become part of the international team, it is no longer solely about individual goals. They now represent their federation and are an ambassador for their country. Their focus broadens from reaching their personal goals to making their country proud. What bigger team is there than that?The phrase “Road to PyeongChang” stands out because figure skating is a long and winding road.  Their performances are a testament that figure skaters truly live by the motto, “We get up.”


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